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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drawing for 10-14 years

Hello again!  
It has been a while since I have written anything on my Art School Blog, the reason being I was out of energy last autumn to do any teaching but now I am up and about again and starting a five day course on Friday in drawing for young children 10-14 years.  I am going to have this course more of a creative drawing in hope my students  won't become bored and it will only be two hours per day so it should keep their attention and interest going.
There are now ten applicants (all girls!) which means a full class for me.  Next short course will be for adults as I promised last year.  I feel good being on the go again!
Eleven promising  Artist
Well, now that the drawing course is finished I thought I might add some real photos to my blog.
This was a wonderful time teaching the kids, they were so willing and enthusiastic and did so well!
I got them to do all sorts of drawing in those five days like;  line, blind, drawing a still life and shading, measured drawing etc.  They really enjoyed all of it, even the self portrait which was a bit hard for them, I admit but they did it.  I had taken a photo of each and gave them a black and white copy to work from.  I was really amazed of their capability for such young age.

Here come some photos to enjoy.

Are they not lovely!!

Some were a bit camera shy....

A piece of ART!

This was a fun one to do.
I cut the photo copy in 11 parts and got them all to draw each part, then I  glued them all together  and out came this beautiful work of theirs, wonderful is it not?
They really enjoyed doing this.


  1. Hi Steinunn...Missed you on WDE...glad you weren't sick.
    The drawing class sounds exciting!
    I don't know how you can brave the weather where you're at!!
    It's bad enough for me down here in OH.

  2. Hi Dean, glad somebody misses me, just joking!
    Yes, these five days have been full on and enjoyable like you can see from my blog, the kids were wonderful and can not wait for me to have another course.
    These dark days are not very enjoyable but soon it will start to lighten up again, can not wait for spring and summer...

  3. What a Great idea... Cutting up the photo and having your students draw from the sections...

  4. Thank you George, yes, it was so much fun and they are eager to come back again whenever .....
    It would be good to have two Steinas´!!
    Have a good day!