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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Anna Margret og Katja

 These two young ladies started with me 2016 and are learning to draw.  The first thing I teach those who are interested in drawing is how to hold the pencil which takes a little while to get used too.

Anna Margret is on the left and Katja on right.

Here is their lasted subject "drawing faces" still in progress

Sigmar Sigurðsson
I have not been able to conduct art courses for a while so turned to private teaching instead.
It gives me a great pleasure to see how talented my students are and so eager to learn.
I am adding some photos from 2015 and 2016 to bring my art school up to date.

Sigmar Sigurðsson

Still life with pencil

Puffin in grafic

Still life!!
Sigmar is a very talented young man and showed a good promise in his drawing and techniques.
I took this photo above for him to study the lines and proportion of his own body.  His main interest lays in drawing people.

 Gabriela started at the end of last year and is still with me.  She is doing very well, she is patient and a good listener.  I am teaching her to sketch, draw and plan the subject before she goes into oil painting.
Here is Gabriel learning t paint in oil

Studying colors

Still life

Her second paintinh

Her first painting

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